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[Changelog] Xabe.FFmpeg 3.1.0


[Changelog] Xabe.FFmpeg 3.1.0

Major changes

  • Added Conversion.Convert(string inputFilePath, string outputFilePath) method allows user to easily convert video to format specified in outputFilePath as extension
  • We have changed icon to more modern and professional one
  • Ability to download latest FFmpeg executables by FFmpeg.GetLatestVersion()
  • Some classes changed they names and become obsolete. They will be removed in next major update
  • Added support for hardware acceleration by Conversion.UserHardwareAcceleration(…) and Conversion.ConvertWithHardware(…)

Small fixes

  • FFmpeg process now will be killed if it don’t response to quit signal
  • Added new exceptions: UnknownDecoderException and HardwareAcceleratorNotFoundException
  • Changes of tests to be more reliable