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Software development for small companies. Case by case approach, fast and smart application development basing on client’s requirements and needs.

What we do

Software Development

Our main purpose. The company started from this and probably never give up on this. From small open source applications to large projects for worldwide companies. Everyone will find something interesting. We create software on purpose and by ourselves. Our software is available in the “Products” tab”.

IT Outsourcing

Have a company and do not want to hire specialist to do applications for you? Do not have enough desks in the office? Our work ranges from maintaining legacy systems to developing new and all kinds of improvements. This method allows you to save your money and time by outsourcing job to other companies.


We focus on application security. Due to this approach your data will be safe.


We are aware of how vital web and desktop application speed is. That’s why we do everything to increase user experience.

New technologies

We only use the newest technologies, thanks to that our solutions are step ahead of competition. We are sure that our technologies will be supported in the long run.

Automatic tests

Very restricted tests allow us to quickly revise new features and rearrange the old ones. No fear – everything else will operate normally. Testing every module of our application allows us to keep a very high quality of products produced.

Modern user interface

We have a very strong emphasis on user interface for both web and desktop applications which result in a very pleasant, intuitive and clear application appearance. It makes our users happy to reuse our products.

Profits of dedicated software

There is a lot of software. WMS, ERP, SCM and anything else you could imagine. They are very flexible, but often things you never foresaw happen. Even small applications could save huge money. Did you ever hear about Pareto principle? Roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Speeding up insignificant activities, which no one even thought about, can get you significant benefits. Of course dedicated software costs, generally more than one’s available on market. But it’s suited to your needs.

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